Head over to itiming.com for 2012 XC race results.

Download a PDF of the 2012 Enduro race results.

8-CH Relax vacation package=Steve Walton of Hancock, MI
7-Kona Frame=Mary-Jo Liston of Silverthorne, CO
6-CH Adventure package=Ken Parsons of Chassel, MI
5-SRAM XO parts=Brett Olson of Washburn, WI
4-Trek Remedy 7=Steve Duhoski of Grand Rapids, MI
3-SRAM XX parts=Erik Alanko of Wausau, WI
2-Trek Remedy 9.7-Wanda Jenson of Waupaca, WI
1-TCTeardrop Trailer=Bryce Myatt of East Lansing, MI

Thank you everyone for trying your luck!!!

Offical 2012 CHTC Raffle Page


Big thanks to Jeff Nedwick for his great article about mountain biking in Copper Harbor on Examiner.com.  Keep that good press coming!

CHTC has decided it is time to start counting how many people our using our trails, so we have placed an order for two new trail counters from TRAFx.

The TRAFx infrared trail counter  will allow us to gather data that will help us better manage our trails and associated  infrastructure effectively.

It will also allow us to give feedback to our current donors, and help encourage new donors in the coming years.

The Copper Harbor Trails Club board is currently seeking an executive director. Somebody needs to keep us organized and moving forward. Can you help us keep our ducks in a row? If you are interested, send us a message with our contact form. Thank you!!!

Watch the Video Map on Trail Genius.com

Maps of both the 32 mile course and the Junior Chain Drive.  Trail Genius video maps include helmet cam video synced with real time GPS data for a interactive preview of the course.


The mountain bike race season started in the Keweenaw last weekend with the annual Chain Drive Festival just down the road in Hancock, MI.  Chain Drive is held on the Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids trail system and featured a new section of flow trail that our own Aaron Rogers helped build.  Our friends over at Trail Genius raced the course and made a awesome video map showing how fun this event is.  The map shows why it is worth doing Chain Drive or at least stopping in Hancock on the way to the Harbor for a fun ride.