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  1. GET AND KEEP ACCESS TO MORE TRAILS. CHTC advocates to protect existing trails and expand access in Copper Harbor and across the Keweenaw Region.
  2. SUPPORT TRAIL BUILDING AND MAINTENANCE. Your membership dollars help us build and maintain great trails, from downhill shuttle runs to long-distance XC flow trails.
  3. TOGETHER WE HAVE MORE POWER. More members strengthen our voice when we talk to land managers, politicians, and funding agencies.
  4. DISCOUNTS. Get special deals on CHTC events and on products and services from participating businesses.  We're figuring out our 2021 Membership Perks soon and will release details before our season begins!
  5. KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING FIRST. Members are kept up to date on trail conditions, advocacy issues, events, races, and rides.
  6. BE PART OF A COMMUNITY. Meet, ride, and volunteer with like-minded persons who support fun and sustainable trails.


Our awesome trails would not be possible without your love and support. Thank you for becoming a member or renewing your membership with the Copper Harbor Trails Club!

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