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The Copper Harbor Trails IMBA Ride Center thrives because of the thousands of volunteer hours put in each year by community members, members of the CHTC, and others who are passionate about trails just like you. In addition, our generous donors help fund CHTC's efforts.  There are several ways to get involved and give back to the trails and the surrounding community through volunteer positions and events. If you are not able to provide your time, we hope that you consider making a financial donation to our efforts as every dollar counts.

Join As A Member 

Chainsaw volunteerStand up and be counted!  CHTC members come from near and far, yet they all share one thing: a love for our trails.  By joining the Copper Harbor Trails Club, you show your support for our organization and the awesome trails we have worked to create.  Your membership not only helps us monetarily, it also shows other funders and community partners that we have a passionate support base within the region that wants to protect and develop non-motorized trails for everyone.  Consider joining today so that together we can create a better tomorrow!  Visit our Membership Page for more details.


The Copper Harbor Trails Club has a strong business Partner Program that has helped to kick start many new and exciting initiatives.  If you or your business are interested in supporting our efforts at a higher level, please contact us directly to discuss our Parter Program or funding needs.


An easy way to support the trails is to drop a few dollars in the Copper Harbor trailhead donation pipe, contribute via PayPal, or send donations to the Copper Harbor Trails Club, P.O. Box 37, Copper Harbor, MI  49918.   You can also support project-specific fundraising campaigns, such as the Keweenaw Point Trail project.  No matter how you contribute, all funds go right back into supporting the CHTC's mission and the trails you know and love. Thanks!


Did we mention we also groom some snow bike trails (open to tire width over 3.7") at Churning Rapids outside Hancock? Winter is tough in our neck of the woods with an average of 200+ inches of snow. Fortunately some of our members live adjacent to the Churning Rapids Trails so they are able to keep the rapidly accumulated snow panked down. We also have a cool partnership with Michigan Tech's Velovations Team who built and continue to improve our groomer. Donations specifically for the Churning Rapids Snow Bike trails can be made via PayPal


Through the Adopt-A-Trail program you (and your buddies, spouse, kids...) can volunteer to take care of a specific trail, helping to open the trail for the season, watching for trouble areas, and assisting with maintenance to keep the trails in prime riding condition. Adopt a trail for a season, renewable each year.  No previous trail care experience is necessary, training will be provided. Contact Ben Ciavola, Adopt-A-Trail Leader to find out how to get involved.

Trail Days

Trail workdaysGive back to the trails by attending a Trail Day! The CHTC organizes trail day events where passionate volunteers come together to help the CHTC accomplish some of our ‘to do’ list so we can ensure the highest quality riding experience. Come spend a day digging in the dirt with us. Dates for trail days are listed below. 

  • Season opening trail prep - Help clean up after a long winter and prepare the trails for riding! Workdays are scheduled for May 11 and May 19 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  Bring tools, snacks, water, gloves, and a friend to help us clear the trails.  Meet at the main trailhead and we'll send you out on an assignment.
  • Easy Trail Construction - Assist with establishing new easy trails on the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge property!  Likely June 2019
  • Maintenance Training Days - Learn how to maintain trail and eliminate problem spots with us in the summer of 2019!
  • Trails Fest Event Prep - August 2019

Great trails don't happen by accident.  Volunteers help all along the way!


One of the most significant ways the CHTC raises funds to support the trails is through our events. We are always looking for passionate, positive volunteers to help events run smoothly. Contact us if you are interested in donating time to help with registration, traffic control, or other race day activities. 

Board and Committees

The CHTC is run by a group of invested board and committee members. If you are looking to get involved on a more regular basis, consider being involved as a board or committee member. Listed below are the responsibilities for board and committee members. Contact us if you are interested in serving in one of these roles.

Board Member Responsibilities: The purpose of the board is to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the CHTC so as to support the organization’s mission and needs. If interested, please contact Nathan Miller for more details on responsibilities and commitment. 

Board of Directors for 2019:

  • Ben Ciavola, President
  • Kim Barna, Vice-President
  • Christina Smigowski, Treasurer
  • Adam Yeoman, Secretary
  • Chris Guibert
  • Rob Peters
  • Sam Raymond
  • Ronnie Mae Krueger
  • Cory McDonald


  • Events: The events committee plans and executes all event logistics including everything from race course planning to food to day-of scheduling. The events committee organizes all CHTC events both big and small, including the Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Fest, Experience the Keweenaw, and our men's and women's clinics. 

  • Membership & Outreach: The membership and outreach committee seeks to make and maintain connections with community members, volunteers, and donors though the CHTC website, email, newsletter, and social media. The membership and outreach committee’s goal is to increase awareness, fundraising, and promotion for the CHTC and events. Committee members also assist with our Partner Program and attracting industry sponsors to our cause.

  • Trails & Land Access: The trails and land access committee is responsible for the continued planning and maintenance of the trails including coordinating trail work, land acquisition projects, and signage and mapping.  Commonly referred to as the "fun" committee, this group brings together community advocates, Board members, and trail builders to determine what our priorities are for the coming years ahead.

If you would like to be a part of the CHTC’s efforts to creating and maintaining a world class outdoor recreation experience please reach out!  We thrive because of the incredible passion, support, and commitment of enthusiastic volunteers like you.

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